VW GOLF IV - Error 17970 and glow plug indicator light

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    Gentlemen, for several months I have been struggling with the problem of an occasional error in the silkworm controller 17970 and a flashing glow plug indicator.
    Once the car drives normally, the indicator does not light up, sometimes it has such weeks that it lights up several times a day.
    The indicator lights up exactly 30s after starting the car.
    Error 17970 after deletion does not pop up immediately but only after some time (sometimes during the week it may not display at all).

    Due to the above fault, I took the following steps.
    I checked relay 109 and 103 under the steering wheel are good.
    I checked the fuses under the hood and those on the side near the driver's door.
    I replaced the stop bulbs and the direction indicators.
    I replaced the brake pedal position sensor.
    I got to the injection pump adjuster - I took off the cover and checked the pin connections of the adjuster in advance, it looks very good (unfortunately I don't know how under the plate because I haven't arrived there yet)
    I have replaced the fuel and air filter - no bubbles appear in the hose.
    I checked the wiring connector) at the pump. Looks good.

    The engine generally does not heat up to 90 degrees (after changing the fluid) the line is 90 degrees. After warming up the engine, the temperature in the computer is 83.7 degrees.

    I checked the fuel dose on a warm engine: the dose was set to 2.8-3.4 mg, now I changed to the smallest possible computer and it is 3.8-4.4mg.
    The RSW on a warm engine is 1.36 - 1.44V
    Both RSW and the fuel dose have large spikes.

    The problem with this blinking light began 9 months ago when I hit the side of the car with a tree (there were two mudguards and a driver's door to replace).
    The car did not start immediately after the impact. The mechanic who patted the car somehow started it, started a few days normally and again had a problem with firing, then he could not cope alone and called the electromechanic who said that there was relay 109 to replace. Although I did not replace it until today because after stripping looks good and for 9 months I had only one problem that the car did not start (but I thought that at that time the fuel filter was to blame).
    After replacing the fuel filter and applying voltage to the coil on the pump directly from the battery, the car fired.

    Gentlemen, do you know what could be the reason for the above mentioned fault?
    I have a VW Golf IV 1.9 TDI 110HP 1999 AHF engine

    Thank you in advance for any advice.
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    Hello, did you find out what the problem really was? I have the same. Please reply