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    For some time I have been deciding to buy a drone, but I don't know which one.
    I would like a quadrocopter, which is designed to fly both indoors and outdoors, its main features are to be stability and precision, and I would not despise speed. It would be great if it had a load capacity to mount a Sony webcam, but it's not a must. Mainly I would like to focus on something like not very advanced acrobatics.
    I never flew a drone anymore but I used to fly a helicopter and I was doing quite well.
    I was thinking about some Syma X1 or XC5.
    So, finally, could anyone recommend such a drone to me or tell me how to do it myself (I've never done it, but it's always a new challenge).

    best regards

    I forgot the price. I would like it not to exceed PLN 800-1000.
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    Syma X8 Pro drone - look for descriptions for the beginning and for advanced users.
    If it is to support a Sony camera (what weight) it is rather a brushless drive.
    Most drones powered by brushed motors are not capable of
    lifting a heavy load acts like a flying brick.
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    I advise against Syma. One of the worst drones on the market. Quality aside, it lacks the safety features standard on newer drones. And when they add something, it works that you should pity God. Hence the low price of these drones.

    In the budget for PLN 800, I would rather recommend something from the Hubsana H501 family.
    For example, Hubsan H501S X4.
    The drone has BLDC motors, weighs less than half a kilogram.
    Range up to 500 meters, including video coverage.
    HD camera on board with 5.8 GHz transmitter.
    Transmitter with monitor.
    And most importantly - it has what Syma can dream of:
    - Headless mode.
    - Automatic return to base.
    - "follow me" function.
    - maintaining altitude and position.
    - Flight time 20 minutes.
    Record video on a memory card.
    You can choose the version with a compact controller, or a large - "professional".
    With delivery abroad, you can get around 900 PLN.

    Only semi-professional drones with a stabilized and guided gimbal would be better. But that's twice as high a budget.
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    Price PLN 800 basic version of Hubsan H501S, for example on

    https://pl.aliexpress.com/item/Hubsan-H501S-X...nes-10CH-Brushless-With/32805908097.html?spm= a2g17.search0104.3.63.KoI9Aw & ws_ab_test = searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_4_10152_10065_10151_10344_10068_10345_10342_10343_51102_10340_10341_10609_10541_10084_10083_10304_10307_10301_10610_5060020_5870020_5130020_10312_10059_10313_10314_10534_5000020_100031_10604_10603_10103_10605_10594_10142_10107_5080020-10152, searchweb201603_25, ppcSwitch_3 & algo_expid = f765e57f-f3bb-426f-9e61-6d726a02b324-8 & algo_pvid = f765e57f-f3bb-426f-9e61-6d726a02b324 & rmStoreLevelAB = 5

    In Poland, Hubsan H501S is much more than PLN 1350-1600
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    Fortunately, you can order abroad and it will come.
    Pro version, in another popular portal on "B ....", about PLN 900 with shipment to Poland.
    I will not give the link because they disappear quickly.

    Everyone knows that bedspreads of 50-100% are the norm in our stores.
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    I found Hubsan in Poland for PLN 1299 (rcmplanet.eu), ordering with Ali is different. In Poland, I have a guarantee that I will receive the package within a few days and I know who I am buying from.
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    What about the service and complaint from Ali when the drone breaks? I know it's cheaper but somehow I have no conviction for Ali, the drone can work ok for a month or two and then fail, what about the warranty / return?
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    There is a bit of a risk, but for 4 years I have not had a mishap with Ali's equipment.

    https://www.google.pl/search?num=100&newwindo...+serwisem+i+reklamacj%C4%85+z+Ali+&oq=A+co+z+ service + i + complaints% C4% 85 + z + Ali + & gs_l = psy-ab.12 ... 1945.1945.0.2668. .... 0 ... 1c .. 64.psy-ab..0.0.0 .... 0.h2FSFQl6144

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    Thanks for the info, but I'd rather spend more and have peace of mind about guarantees and refunds.
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    Hey, now there are roughly as many brands and types of drones as there are mobile phones. I personally have good experiences with the Overmax drone. First of all, what I like about it is the simple and really intuitive controls ... you don't need to finish the plane pilot course to handle it here ;-) Unfortunately, some drones can be very cumbersome and clunky to use during the flight ...
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    Pracus185 wrote:
    I personally have good experiences with the Overmax drone

    Wait a while for the brush motors to crash.
    Virtually all drones are easy to use.
    They only require a minimum of knowledge and practice :)
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    Pracus185 wrote:
    First of all, what I like about it is the simple and really intuitive controls ... you don't need to finish the plane pilot course to handle it here ;-) Unfortunately, some drones can be very cumbersome and clunky to use during the flight ...

    Drones are the easiest flying models to learn. They were created as working platforms and were supposed to hold the attached load stably - hence a very high degree of automation.
    In the drone, the pilot basically only sets the direction and in the cheaper ones, he also keeps an eye on the height. All the work. Anyone with average hand-eye coordination and minimal spatial imagination can handle it. Plus a little practice.

    We do not worry about stalling, turbulence, the influence of wind direction, stream detachment, slip vectors when turning, etc ...
    Unfortunately, in return, drones don't get half the fun of other flying models. Such boring dump trucks, like a toy car ... It just floats in the air.