Vscan MDx36 - Reviews, observations, comparison to other diagnostic interfaces

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    Somebody has this equipment for diagnosis. Some opinions, insights. It is known that a license is purchased here and it is a legal equipment. One brand now costs PLN 320 with three PLN 450, full option with 28 brands PLN 2,000. The description shows that he does quite a lot, especially in Volkswagen, although there are no Skoda and Seat brands in the brands. Comparison of possibilities for Autocom, Delphi, CDIF2? It is a device that connects via bluetooth with a tablet or smartphone with Android.
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    I'm also wondering about buying this interface. I also keep an eye on OBDlink MX. I do not know what to choose. I did not find anything else cheap and for private (hobby) use.
    After the description Vscan looks better but is limited to purchased car brands.
    Does anyone know the Vscan MDx36 interface and can share some opinions? Will this interface work with other android applications (those that require the ELM interface)?
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    Hello, I have this interface so much that I do not know myself so as to say as a mechanic, I bought it for golf V 2005 I do not remember but I bought it to add a remote control to the central office which failed after conversation with viaken changed soft in the application so they were helpful solve the problem as if the pilot did not work but it could not work as a remote control I do not know I sold the car, now I have honde crv 2007 probably connects in most parts errors I was canceling in the engine, probably in the comfort module because it was a rear wiper motor, welcome cushions, so I think it works well in some moments, deficiencies in the Polish language, because sometimes entering the module shows its number, etc. in others it is empty or white page but I know that it is refined :) I do not know if I helped but cheer up because I'm not a mechanic, I'm trying to do everything by myself, that's why I bought it
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    If I wanted to buy something in "this league" then I would also consider VPECKER or XTUNER devices from majfrends. Maybe someone has one and share his opinion about these toys?
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    After using this device with Honda CRv I can add with the damage money spent