Megane III engine failure - Exhaust faults esp Megane III injection

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    Hello. Today during a normal quiet ride outside the city a message tree popped up:
    Orange key
    Engine indicator light
    Check fuel injection
    Check the exhaust system
    Check esp

    And immediately a slight tugging of the whole car, I turned off, fired and after a few meters the same. Later, only the exhaust system indicator was left.

    Renault megane III 1.5 dci 110km with dpf.
    I will also add that for about a year I have jerking when starting from one and back in the cold. Clutch or dual mass diagnosis. Could this have a relationship?

    Any ideas? :(

    best regards
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    Currently, I do not light up any mistake on the board but tomorrow I am going to a Renault Dealership and I will tell if I find out anything but I do not count on miracles from them
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    bartosz323 wrote:
    I don't count on miracles from them
    You don't have anyone with a clip around ???
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    Unfortunately I do not have. At ASO, they examined what and how. Errors that the computer remembers is a boost pressure error, turbine control error or something like that. They said that they can not be associated with any specific fault and that they believe everything is ok. After this situation I bought a fuel additive that cleans the injectors and chased the car to the express machines and it has helped so far.
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    What is your everyday turnover range?
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    I only have 4 km to work, and like a cold diesel it is max 2100
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    Colleagues I will add that after lighting up these controls, my errors have been cleared up, but since then I have a strange situation, namely when I'm driving at a constant speed and I want to brake the lights to zero before the lights, the speed normally drops after pressing the clutch but instead of the engine clatter you can hear such brum brum brum brum and it just clicks as if the revolutions are not falling evenly though the pointer is normally at the bottom. And the sound is like I would go out in a moment but after a few seconds everything returns to normal The lower the temperature outside, the more it is felt
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    I'm joining the problem.

    I stick the card - I start it - and we have the orange "Check ..... injection" key

    I will add one thing that I hear from buying a car (4 years of driving). Well, at a rotation of ~ 1800-2200 you can hear some strange metallic sound of the engine. The seller said that the turbine "starts", but somehow it does not give me peace and now that this message about the injection appeared .....: /?

    Can anyone with Megane 3 (2009) without a dummy and dual mass confirm this? Do your engines hear "evenly"?
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    As for this error Check the injection and exhaust I learned that it was related to DPF and I started to ride longer routes and since then silence So I abandoned the topic and the error does not display.