Re: LG G3 - The phone overheats, the screen goes off automatically and blinks

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    I have a problem in my LG G3. The phone is two years old, the warranty ended in December and problems began just as it ended.
    In general, this model tends to overheat, which can be read in many forums on community forums. I was warming up, but nothing bad was happening. Strange things have started happening since January. The screen turns itself off, blinks. There are lines on it.
    In general, things happen with him as with those in the videos below, when you watch them you will see what I mean.

    How do you best fix it by referring to LG or some private service? In the second case, I would ask you to recommend good websites, where people know things about digitizers, etc.
    Preferably in Kuyavian-Pomeranian, but it can be anywhere else. I care about repairing this phone.
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    Correct repair of a defect that occurs in your device is a replacement or reball of the system, you can try to bake it in the oven (not to be confused with the oven, it's a bga oven)
    99% helps.
    Personally, I always do layout reball and LG Starts,
    In the video shown you can see a classic glitch of these models - bluescreen
    but the same system is also responsible for your damage :)

    If you have any questions, help us as much as possible :)

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    Could you recommend a really good website that will have a broader view on the problem and will not rule out any possibility?
    I would not like to give it to one who can barely see the symptoms and assume in advance that this one particular thing is defective and thus close to others.
    And he'll do it right, I'd rather not cook or bake it. :(

    I am asking for specific information if you know it.
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    Is this system glued because it looks like this in the movie and it seems to be not on my motherboard. Will heating by hot heat cause balls to flow out?
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    According to me, it is not profitable to resuscitate it, it is better to buy a motherboard, just like after warming up, it can work for two days or maybe 5 years
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    There were boards not glued. But there is a problem like graphics in the paws. The waffle / silicon combination falls.