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Hertz rectifier - Is it the same as Stefpol?

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    Hello, I am looking for a well made transformer rectifier with current regulation and to have real ones at least 9A. I want it to reach 16.2V.

    I found HERTZ 12V 15A link

    but it looks a bit like the poor and well-known Stefpol EST-305 in the forum. Has anyone undressed or undressed him?
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    Stefpol, Romstan now Hertz and God knows under what name they still produce it.
    I'm afraid it's still duplicating the same dug construction.
    I would advise against, although I did not see Hertz from the inside, but I saw Stefan and Romstan
    and that's enough for me (to this day I don't sleep at night :D )
  • Moderator of Cars
    Everything is usually patted on one hoof - the difference is in the transformer itself and the way of controlling the power. Either there is a toroid controlled by a phase regulator, with a curiosity in the form of a compact coil of resistance wire for loading the transformer, or an EI transformer with taps. The rest in the same "technology".
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    Well, gentlemen, what do you recommend? I was browsing the Internet, shops and auctions but it seems to me that everything is one hoof. Maybe you have something better? Let's say I could spend PLN 400 on it

    link Although there is no smooth regulation but maybe better made?
  • Moderator of Cars
    In today's flood of trash it is difficult to catch something sensible - durable and functional.
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    Ultimately submit something yourself.
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