Samsung S7 - Galaxy S7 screen locked

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    At the outset, I warn you that phones are not my story :cry:
    Advancing advice in the style of "contact service" - I remind you that they are saint ...

    From the beginning:
    In connection with the installation of the mBank application, I had to add a blockade (as it later turned out to be a screen lock).
    Later, my son showed me that my phone can be unlocked by a fingerprint, so I added this option and from then on I only used it.
    This morning, when I wanted to unlock the phone, there was information that I did not use it over 24 hours and I must give the pin code first.
    And here is the first problem. I used this pin several times the first day (a few months ago) and I completely forgot. Originally, I thought it was an application security, I think I used a lot of characters, and max can be 16 :cry:
    After entering a few probable ones, now I have to wait an hour before allowing me to enter again.
    I called the bank and they told me that it was not just a phone application problem.
    I started looking for info on the net.
    I read that it can be unlocked with the help of an account in Samsung, but as you can guess I do not have it :(
    Another suggestion is to block the smartphone with the help of a Google account (function find my device) which will later enable its unlocking. Unfortunately, it worsened the case because it completely blocked my phone.
    I note that the password for Google account is familiar to me, but what about when the screen lock does not give me the opportunity to use it.
    I have already accepted the loss of data, so I decided to try another advice, or a hard reset.
    And here's the problem, because when he tries to reset it by pressing all the buttons together, he just reboots and does not want to do a complete reset of the device :!:
    Probably because this option is available only when we turn off the device, and now I can not even turn it off :!:
    What to do :?: :?: :?:

    PS Info for admin: I have full phone documentation, including a purchase invoice.
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    It's a bit weird that you can not turn the phone off, even with the blocking set this option is available. We make a hard reset by holding power + vol up + home until the start logo appears. However, the phone must be turned off.
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    I was surprised too. But I did not give up ;)
    In the meantime, I found on the internet info that a hard reset is also done by a combination of three keys.
    The phone could not be turned off from the button, but you could use the "restart" option.
    I restarted it for so long, until I came to the moment of transition from the system shutdown state to re-enable it and finally after many attempts I managed to call a "hard reset".
    At the moment the phone is already working.

    PS Interesting fact:
    After resetting, it started without any security measures.
    He did not even ask for a Google Account password ...