[Solved] NFS Carbon GAME does not turn on on Windows 7

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    I have a problem turning on NFS Carbon Games on Windows 7. I get the message "Please log in with administrator privileges and try again" and I don't know what to do. I sooner played this game on Windows XP Home Edition and everything worked and was running fast.
    I saw on other Forums that Users also had the same problem.
    I tried to enable the Game as Administrator and enable the game via Compatibility Mode, but neither of these two options helped.

    My computer's specifications:

    -Processor - AMD A6-5400k with Radeon HD Graphics (7540D) 3.6 GHZ FM2 + socket
    -Main board - Msi a68hm-e33
    -Power supply - chieftec 600W
    - Graphics card - ASUS Radeon HD 7850 2GB

    If someone had the same problem and solved it, I would ask for help.
    If you are going to write stupid comments, do not write them, because I do not need such help.
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    Hello, it didn't work, I installed the patch and followed the other side and nothing
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    I haven't solved the problem