[Solved] Taśmy LED 230V vs 12V/24V

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    As I have not dealt with LED strips for 230V so far, I am asking for opinions on them. I am particularly interested in their performance and durability.
    From what I have realized, they are available in such versions:

    Type Amount / m Power / m Brightness (lumen per diode) Price
    3528 60 4.8 5 3.5-6.5
    120 9.6 5 10
    3014 120 12 9-12 11.5
    240 24 9-12 17
    5050 60 4,8 5 5
    60 7.3 5.5
    60 10,5 5.8
    60 14,4 12 12.5
    5630 120 17 11
    5730 60 9.6 18-20 11
    120 19.2 18-20 16,5-18
    180 28 18-20 19
    240 28 22
    2835 60 6 8 5.6
    120 12 8 8.9
    156 6 10
    180 14.4 5-6 15
    276 22 5-6 23.5

    In the list I included the data declared by the sellers and please keep this in mind :)

    In my opinion, the disadvantages of LED strips for 230V include:
    - they can be divided every meter (except for 2835, 276 / m, which we divide every half meter),
    - they are only available in a waterproof version (silicone shirt),
    - installation on special holders (without adhesive tape),
    - rigidity (thickness),
    - and for formalities - dangerous tension.

    The advantages include:
    - power supply for long distances,
    - much smaller cross-section of power cables,
    - no power supply (although you need to buy a rectifier intended for them).

    I am wondering, however, about their durability and efficiency (amount of light), i.e. how is their power compared to LED strips at 12 or 24V?
    I would add that I had the opportunity to watch such tapes and although I did not have a direct comparison with others, I got the impression that less light gave and for example I will say that I have LED strip hereon 2835 diodes, 120 diodes per meter, which consumes 19.2W and it is difficult to look directly at it, because it blinds. However, the 2835 / 230V tapes I saw were not dazzled, although they had more chips on the subway. Which, in a way, can be understood because none of them consumed so much power per chip. No less in the 276 / m tape there are twice as many and in theory it should give more light.
    Oddly enough, I got the impression that the tape on 5050 (14.4W) chips gives more light than 5730 (28W) and also more than 2835 (14.4 and 22W).

    I am asking for an opinion on LED 230V strips, is it worth thinking about them?
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    Service is 12/24 cheaper and safer.
    I reduced the supply voltage by 5%, the tapes have been lit for 5 years / 4 hours a day /.
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    Zbigniew 400 wrote:
    Service is 12/24 cheaper and safer.

    If we take into account the wiring and power supply, which must be efficient at high power consumption, then there will be no significant differences in the price. If the tapes are with a solid PCB, it will come out even more expensive (plus in favor of 230V tapes), and for 230V tapes we do not have to worry about whether the additional power supply segments, or from both sides, and service will be easier.

    I will add that I took up the topic due to the need to install 20 meters of tape.
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    1 diode has failed
    12V exchange 5cm
    230V replacement 1m.
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    Zbigniew 400 wrote:
    1 diode has failed
    12V exchange 5cm
    230V replacement 1m.

    That's right, and I followed this line of reasoning, but the seller confused me by saying that with 5050 diodes (three-chip) when one chip burns, the diode shines with 66% power. He didn't have such a damaged diode to show it to me, but he had a tape with other chips and I saw a meter section with one diode damaged, which was the only one that was not lit.

    At this point, it will tie to 5050 tapes and how can they shine brighter than 5730 with higher power consumption? I saw two tapes connected at the same time and I had such an impression.
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    But a specialist from this seller.
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    So the case that the diode burned so badly that the current flowed through it?
    It surprised me and information about the 5050 with a burnt-out chip (the other two shine) in three-chip versions also.
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    Not necessarily.
    Have you noticed that there are tapes and tapes? Sometimes the same, and 2x more expensive.
    One diode will burn so that it creates a break, another short circuit.
    In some structures there is such a small mysterious dot, it is responsible for LED conduction in case of its damage (break) What element is it? Look and you will find.

    Besides, it is covered with silicone, and this does not bode well.
    For me, there are only 12 / 24VDC tapes and silicone heat guns.

    Believe me, years of assembly of kilometers of tapes ...
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    I would not dare to flood with silicone because I have seen many a destructive silicone after years but those 230V are not flooded but pressed into the shell, silicone sleeve.
    Justyniunia, and how is it with these three-chip 5050 and does one damaged chip only result in a power reduction of 1/3?
    I am still bothered by whether or not silicone, which absorbs several lumens, is there a noticeable difference in the amount of light emitted between the 230 and 12V tapes?
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    The better yes, damage to one structure in the chip does not extinguish the other two connected in a series of structures in the other two diodes (they are connected three LEDs in series).
    In one strips the diodes are connected chip-chip (that's good) in others all 3 chips in parallel and through the resistor with the other two diodes in series (wrong).

    Unfortunately, it all depends on the tape (price) ...
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    Thank you very much for the explanations, and you can see better quality tapes and now it begins to form a logical whole. Namely, the seller highly praised those from the 5050 series, which I approached critically, i.e. not taking them into account beforehand. Probably their quality could also be seen by the amount of light they emit, because they should give less logic from 5730 and 2835, and here they shone brighter despite it. I would add that the seller indicated that he took them from another manufacturer, which he had been checking for years. And while I am skeptical about this type of assurance, I can only explain why I saw what contradicts logic.

    My favorite were 2835 or 5730, and I left the store dumber than I entered, because 5050 destroyed my plans and instead of confirming my belief, I gained bigger doubts :)
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    Time to close the topic and thank you again to everyone who spoke in the topic.
    Special thanks to the user Justytniunia .