Nissan Almera N16 - NATS System Decoded: Seeking PIN for Immo, CONSUL & LAUNCH Help

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    Hello, I have Almere n16 with immo decoded.

    I have NATS connectivity in blocked mode.
    Communication with the engine controller is also trouble-free, but the power supply is checked just in case.

    And now, to code it, I need a PIN. Is there anyone who can help?
    For a fee of course.
    I have CONSUL and LUNCH.
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    żałosna udręka
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    Upload a photo of nats, then we'll calculate the pin. You have a connection, you will try it.
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    Torment right right, remove the steering column cover. You have a plastic can with a sticker next to the ignition. Take a clear photo and someone will give you a pin. I used to add it to the launch so that you have the equipment. Ah, and don't think about the emulator, also used to want to cut corners and it didn't work.
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    żałosna udręka
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    I sent the pin to Priv.
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    After entering the pin, it pops up that the procedure is not possible and the possible reasons are:
    bad pin, ignition off etc.

    I am puzzled by one error that probably indicates the lack of communication between NATS and ECU.

    In the NATS driver the errors are:
    Nissan Almera N16 - NATS System Decoded: Seeking PIN for Immo, CONSUL & LAUNCH Help

    And in the ECU such:
    Nissan Almera N16 - NATS System Decoded: Seeking PIN for Immo, CONSUL & LAUNCH Help

    What do you think about it?
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    żałosna udręka
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    If there is a bug in immo e.g. 1612, no coding will go.
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    mario 77
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    P1610 pops up after five unsuccessful attempts to start
    P1612 is no communication between the engine control unit and immo
    First, to check the immo module power supply, the signal after ignition and ground.
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    Power 30 and 15 present, and ground 31.
    There are 6 wires
    3 wires have power supply, the next one is to activate the immo diode, and the last two are passed to the controller and neither of them has a transition.
    The question is whether they go directly to the ECU or are they going through the comfort
    If I have clogged wires.
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    mario 77
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    Check the transition and short circuit the brown-yellow wire pin 1 in immo to the engine controller pin 116 (petrol).
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    Well, then there is no transition, I will connect it for a short time for the test and we will see what happens.
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    2 wires damn it? Maybe the mouse is walking around the car?
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    mario 77
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    And did you choose the color of the wire on the pins I gave you? This is gasoline not diesel?
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    Yesterday I didn't find time, but I'm going to check and let you know.

    Added after 4 [hours] 50 [minutes]:

    I had some measurement errors.

    The NATS connector is 8-pin.

    1pin - ECU 116pin As Mario 77 wrote, something must have been unconnected before.
    2pin - I have not found the transition anywhere, it is purple in color
    3pin - Goes to the comfort module
    4pin - masas
    5pin - empty
    6pin - control of the IMMO indicator on the meter
    7pin - plus after ignition
    8pin - permanent plus

    One more thing, like in LAUNCH, I will choose the right car model and choose the NATS module, it does not communicate with it.
    No problem with the ECU.
    Before choosing a vehicle, I have the maintance option and there, when I choose the general NATS, it searches for the NATS 5.0 version for me and communicates. But the error codes are identical to those in the ECU.
    It seems to me that it does not connect to NATS at all, but to the ECU, even though it writes NATS V5.0.

    The question is where the purple wire goes and whether I should be connected to NATS after choosing the car model. If so, I think it will be damaged.
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    mario 77
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    Opalony wrote:
    The question is where the purple wire goes

    Pin 5 on the radio
    If there is a transition between pin 1 and pin 116 and there is no short circuit, it is rather a collapsed immo module, the more that there is no communication.
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    So I'm ordering a module.
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    I ordered the entire starter kit
    Coil, Comfort and ECU

    I connected the coil and ECU but forgot about comfort.
    The car started, I turned off, I connected the comfort from the set and IMMO was blocked.

    I will upload a photo of the module. How could I ask for a pin for this new one.
    Nissan Almera N16 - NATS System Decoded: Seeking PIN for Immo, CONSUL & LAUNCH Help

    Added after 1 [hours]:

    I deleted the errors and fired.

    I changed the stone in the key and everything works. I have one more key, but I don't think I will risk adding it.

    Many thanks for your help and commitment.
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    Hello and welcome. I have such a problem with Nats in the Almera Tino car. The key was delightful, but it can be added via Launch and the pin calculated from the can, only that the car fires until I pull it out of the ignition. If I take it out and put it back in, it won't start again. After programming, it fires for a while and again as if it forgot about the key. What can be in such a situation?