- A way to repair a scratched mat matrix of the monitor and TV

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    I warmly welcome :)

    I would like to share with you my discovery - how to repair a scratched matrix of a monitor or TV LCD screen for free at home. Matte. (repair scraches on monitor tv screen)

    Okay, this is not a "repair", but if your scratches interfere with the viewing of the screen, my suggestion will help you :)
    You do this at your own risk. It helped me significantly, and nothing happened, but if you are afraid of the equipment, go to a specialist (who will say that there is no advice for it) or replace the matrices with a new one :)

    Well, I came up with the idea because I had to - I bought two monitors from someone, but carrying them, the metal base of one scratched the other. Very deep scratches ... They were most visible against a white background, but they were always visible
    I note that the scratches still physically exist on the matrix, my advice it's just masking them enough to reduce the intensity of image distortion and eye irritation - subjectively - by 70%

    And so....

    Use oil :) gently rub it into the fig. Its selection, however, is important, and it depends on what kind of features you have and what they look like when enlarged.
    Remember that you really only have one more expensive choice of oil, because if the matrix material is jagged, the oil will penetrate deep into it and you will not get it out of them completely, so for the best results:

    -First use a light oil, for example almond oil, if scratches are superficial, hardly visible. It will penetrate the scratches as deeply as possible
    -Later (or just it) use olive oil if they disturb your viewing very much
    -After the procedure (but not necessarily) you can finish the work with thick oil, this will cover the place where the scratch "meets" the deformed area without the scratch.

    Do not scrub or grease the entire screen. Just scratches

    If the scratches are old, this method may not help, and you should wash them well with alcohol before applying the oil.

    Will the scratches completely disappear? Oh no ... will the oil on the features help with viewing? Of course! :)

    If I helped you then consider sending me some BTC coins to:
    - 1N3JQ8J4tiygYTPMERcrJtMmeczj2BHAPw
    I am self-taught, I do not have a fixed income, and my broad interests in the field of chemistry, physics, quantum physics, electromagnetism, theology, philosophy are time-consuming,

    best regards :)
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    I scratched the basement monitor. That the scratch disturbed me so much that I considered the monitor to be deleted, I polished the matte matrix in the place of the scratch, the scratch disappeared but the luminous stain was also irritating under the basement lighting, so I applied 3 gradations of polishing paste to the car body on the entire matrix. Mechanical polishing paste obtained from a friend of the painter some time ago manual polishing. With the highest gradation, the feeling when polishing was uninteresting, but I found that I decided that the monitor was going to the trash anyway because it would not break when broken ;) .
    Unfortunately, the key factor here is to assess the depth of the scratch, because if it is too deep, it does not make sense.
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    Mine are really deep. Scratched with sharp metal ... Oil helped significant

    - A way to repair a scratched mat matrix of the monitor and TV
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    I wonder - what does it look like after a year? The oil stays in the lynx, does not go rancid, etc.? There is no "shining" effect around the scratch?
    I also read about the possibility of using petroleum jelly for this purpose - has anyone tried?
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    I would not use such foods. There is chemistry that can produce this effect. I would consider technical petroleum jelly, although there are also products such as spray silicones, but all for testing ;)
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    This oil has to be wiped off when it is polished or left on the screen because it helped significantly with scratches, but I don't know what to do next, whether to rub it or not
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    Technical petroleum jelly did the trick for me. I can't see the scratch.
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    The usual furniture polish helped me )