[Solved] [Search] Toshiba 40tl938C boot file

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    Marka: Toshiba
    Model: 40tl938C
    Main board : V28A001434B1
    V400HK2-LS5 Rev.C1


    I have Toshiba 40TL938C stucked on logo starting, freezed. TV doesnt start, it just stays on TOSHIBA logo...

    Can anybody provide me with firmware to put on stick so let the TV boot it? Ive been searching for days but nothing :/

    Thank you in advance guys :)
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    Maybe you will write how you solved it ??
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    in FAT32 formated stick put this two files and stick it in TV.

    First one in attachment.

    Second one is too large so here is the page where you can download the second one. Its firmware....
    Downloaded firmware from official site wont work.

    Page : http://www.hifi-forum.de/viewthread-148-5947.html

    From there...firmware file rename to : 40TL938C_878979_INIT_CLEAR.bin

    Note : on stick put only this file and that one in attachment!

    Now, that you have this two files, plug the TV and it should boot by its self doing software upgrade. After that it should take for a minute a TV to boot in after Toshiba logo. I supose software not compatible 100% but you can resolve it. Just plug it to network and do software upgrade....TV as new...

    I hope I helped.

    Kind regards