CD Becker BE6021 10 connect the aux cable to this radio

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    Hello, subject quite old, I have a question about the radio in my Mercedes C220
    radio is MB audio CD Becker BE6021 10
    Did anyone manage to connect the aux cable to this radio? I saw a lot of threads but not with this model.
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    Hello, I also need help connecting the aux to be6021. Where to connect the aux instead of the signal from the cd, which will not be because the drive will float with silence 650mb at which the player does not mutate.

    Manual and photo radio attached

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    hello be ----- this becker topic is about alpine
    in becker aux I can't do it yet there is no tea 6880h otherwise the audio processor is solved
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    Well. Do you know if you couldn't use the red plug from the cd reader to give the aux signal in parallel with the cd reader?
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    from what I remember the signal goes there as spidif and not analog audio
    to the processor from the cd drive but check it ---- the radio goes mpx am fm because the processor is with a piece of the radio tuner audioprocessor just oasis somehow I did not find the catalog note and without that it's difficult to say anything more
    I promise myself that one day I will squat because a lot of people want aux to w203 so far I have mastered to perfection but audio 10 alpine
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    The output from the red plug of this radio on pin No. 10 is signed '' S / P-DIF ''
    The audio processor in the manual is described IC2000 SACHARA35.
    On the seventh page of the instruction sent above, in the upper right corner of the processor under position 48 there is '' mpx '', right below it is '' AM ''.
    Maybe it will be easier to replace AM on the radio with AUX.
    Is it possible by connecting to NFAM?