Grandin LD39C25 soft problem - SOFT

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    Hi, I have a problem with a Grandin LD39C25. Turn it on and off endlessly. Do you think it's the software problem? Where can I get software?
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    report the complete serial number
    it should start with G9...
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    - unplug the power cord
    - copy the file SISEU23X8M.bin on an empty usb stick fat32 formatted
    - insert the usb stick in the tv and reconnect the power cord
    - look at the standby led... at the beginning it flashes slowly, after about 1 minute it doubles the speed: update completed
    - unplug the power cord and the usb stick and wait until the standby led turns off
    - reconnect the power cord and turn on the tv: it will restart in first installation mode

    if it doesn't work with the usb recovery, rewrite the spiflash U5 using the file SISEU23X8M.bin

    here is the software (V20.0167) for GRANDIN LD39C25 LED39TC1700E