Panasonic TV TX -42AS500B backlit flashes 3times n red Led blinks

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    I have a problem with the Panasonic TV, as in the subject, after turning on the backlight blinks three times and the red power led begins to blink. 
    I have replaced the power board TNPA5916 1 P TXN/P1JAVEZ as I noticed PCB colour changed due too overheat. But this problem still persists. I read a similar post earlier where the backlight strip a diode was damaged it was changed and got fixed. https://www.elektroda.com/rtvforum/topic3422944.html
    Can anyone let me know if possible with pictures which diode it could be? Many Thanks.
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    I don't quite understand you want a photo of an example matrix?
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    Przecież w linku napisano wyrażnie
    You will read error 3 in SM (service manual for this chassis), Col. mirex reported
    * usually 3 blinks - A Board SOS.

    You do not know or understand> go to the service.
    these modules are cheap on eBay.