SpeedStick IV LTE (Alcatel W800) missing driver (Windows 7/10)

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    I own Alcatel W800 (SpeedStick IV LTE) usb stick which I brought in 2017 from T-Mobile.
    USB is working just fine as wifi router (it has wifi option and normal usb), however I can't install drivers because installation file got corrupted.
    When I connect USB to PC, it is recognized as CDFS drive with 12Mb installation of drivers.
    So when drivers are installed (Internet manager by T-Mobile for this Alcatel) I can connect to internet on pc.
    However as setup.exe is 340KB corrutped I need to download drivers.
    I searched on all internet, contacted T-mobile who said "contact Alcatel" and Alcatel told me to "contact T-Mobile because "Internet manager" is not their product".

    So does anyone maybe own this device or can help me find drivers for it on internet?

    I also uploaded zip file of drivers which are on my Alcatel W800Z but one file is corrupted
    Current Soft_ver":"KX140E00BX","hard_ver":"K.2.B", "webui_ver":"KXD40EE130", "dev_name":"W800"

    SpeedStick IV LTE (Alcatel W800) missing driver (Windows 7/10)
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    Hey, please check out the device manager. There you will have other or unidentified devices. Open the properties of such devices. Go to the "details" tab (if I remember the Polish name correctly). There, expand matching identifiers and copy them to the thread. I think this will be the fastest way