LG-49UF7707-ZB. The new "Magic remote" won't pair.

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    A friend purchased such a remote control via the Internet, in appearance identical to the original one.
    Some buttons are described slightly differently.
    Probably the one you bought is a fake ...
    The type is the same ie AN-MR600.
    LG-49UF7707-ZB. The new "Magic remote" won't pair.
    According to the instructions, to pair a new remote control, simultaneously press the "Smart and Back" buttons and then OK on the screen, a message about pairing appears on the screen, and after a while that it was unsuccessful.
    I understand that the "Smart" button in the new remote control is "Loupe" (in the original "House")
    Unless another ... We do it "remotely".
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    "smart" is always "house"
    "OK" is the button under the roller in the center of the circle.

    a video showing the pairing of the remote control with a similar arrangement of buttons:

    the remote control compatibility table is available at:
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    And a colleague checked whether this remote control has smart functions at all? The Chinese sell ordinary remote controls in magic cases. Unscrew it and see for yourself if it is not an ordinary infrared remote control without bluetooth in a magic-like housing.