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Technika 32c-914 - won't turn on when is hot

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    I have problem with LCD TV Technika 32c-914 it won't turn on when is hot (several minute after switch off, blinking led and won"t turn on). But when I turn on energy save mode in picture menu TV start without any problem also when is hot.

    In power supply board was change every capacitor for new and TV software was upgraded.

    Can you help me what alse can I try?

    Thank you.
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    hi, i think you need service manual so that u can see what energy save does on the power supply .
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    Hello. The inverter may be damaged, disconnect it from the power supply and see if you get the same effect, if not, the power supply itself may have a fault. Check if you have PFC voltage, if any, it's best to give the model of the power supply.
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    Sorry for late reply but I disassembled TV today, power supply board is 17pw25-4 and main board is 17mb62-2.5.

    I adds photos of boards.

    Technika 32c-914 - won't turn on when is hot Technika 32c-914 - won't turn on when is hot