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Grundig 40 VLE 2012 EC/LBM000 - Sound works but no picture

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    I have a problem with my TV, a Grundig 40 VLE 2012 EC, the symbol is LBM000, there is also another code LTA400HM13-C09 at the bottom of the back over. The TV has power, I can turn it on, the Grundig logo is displayed, but after that the screen is pitch black. If I inspect it with a flashlight, I can see that everything works fine, for example when I change channels, the sound works as well.

    My questions are:
    Are my LEDs fried or can I update the firmware of the TV to fix the issue?
    If I can update the firmware or even reflash it with an older version, where can I get a firmware package for this model of Grundig TV?

    Thank you in advance!
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    The led tester will tell you the truth. If you don't have, disassemble the matrix.