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GBT7043UM - No Sound after firmware update

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    Got a 2 din chinese radio from Aliexpress. When the radio arrived rhe sidekeys blinked constantly but no sound. Despite the front of the radio being identified as a 7043UM the box of the radio was identifed as a 7010. The radio was laying around for one year until i decided to update the firware hoping to get sound from it. Before i update the firmware I testes the rca output and also no sound.
    I download the file (7010) from this site and used it on the radio. Affer updating the sidekeys keep on blinking constantly and the display is black. Tried to press the volume buttons 3,4,5,6,7 times and turn the knob right hoping to light up the screen, but no chance.
    So now I have a radio with a blank screen, no sound and sidekeys that blink constantly.