7010b Chinese radio - black screen after software update

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    Hello guys, I tried to update software but I had maybe bad software version? so I put in USB key, it automatically start updating firmware, then radio turned off and dont turn on again, I got only black screen, LED sign doesnt work too. I tried to reset radio but it didnt work. Can u help me solve this problem please? Thanks a lot.

    Actually after 3 hours LED sign on radio is working when I turn on car lights, so now I really dont understand it, please help. :(
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    I have a radio - 7018B
    Decoder Chip - Quanzhi C500
    version - WINDOWS CE

    When i turn on the radio after a minutes he shut down... and turn on the original defenitions...

    Have you get the RIGHT UPGRADE FIRMWARE for this radio 7018B ?

    Can someone send me please?