7010B problem - Black screen

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    Hello I bought a car radio 7010B, a few hours after installation the car radio starts to restart all alone after a few minutes of use, thereafter black screen, it lights up once ten, the buttock ON flashes blue each time I click on it, since yesterday when I press rest it does not respond the device is detectable in bluetouth and when I turn the key volume I have a voice sign yet still black image. I formatted an SD memory card and I put the firmwear on it in .img format, but it gives no sign of life always the same symptoms. This is my 1st post on the forum I hope you can help me I will be really grateful Ref : C200-7020KB -2019.04.03 7D-TV-50PIN-LUXXDD-1950G-3.5100EK

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    Power connected?
    Matrix tape checked?