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[Solved] Low Pressure Junkers - no hot water

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    Hi all,

    My Junkers water boiler had suddenly stopped working (i.e. no hot water coming out of the taps). I have done a bit of research online and found out that I would have to repressurize the system. But all the videos I have seen show a pipe with two taps which would have to be turned on to let water flow to the system - I can't find these taps on my Junkers. Attached are some photos - would anyone kindly help? (Note that the red display shows a blinking CE error)

    Thanks a bunch!

    Low Pressure Junkers - no hot water Low Pressure Junkers - no hot water Low Pressure Junkers - no hot water
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    Heating systems specialist
    In order for the device to work properly, the pressure gauge should be approx. 1-1.5 bar. Water to the Junkers should be added with the blue key by turning it anti-clockwise until you hear that water flows into the device. Top up to 1.5bar max and turn right as far as it will go, but not forcefully.