T-mobile SAGEMCOM Wi-Fi Premium 2.0 fiber optic router

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    has anyone managed to switch the fiber optic router SAGEMCOM Router Wi-Fi Premium 2.0 from T-Mobile to work with 1 Wi-Fi network in mixed 2.4/5 GHz mode?
    By default, there are 2 Wi-Fi networks: 1 - 2.4 GHz and 2 5 GHz.

    I've been rummaging through the settings of this router and I don't see such an option anywhere.
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    Well, fortunately, all such network connections are hiccups in real life.
    The first thing you do when you find such a "SMART" solution is to split it up into separate networks ;-)
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    In the case of this decoder, division into 2 networks is apparently impossible. I have problem with that too. A few days ago, the installation and now the problem because my home camera works only on 2.4 ghz and the phone connects to the "machine" on 5 ghz.
    Is there a way to bypass this router?