- Help reducing current from car battery to LED lights

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    Hi there! I am currently putting in some tape LED lights in the back of my truck, and I have gotten a few wires from my car battery to where my camper shell brake lights are. There is a 10 amp fuse so that I don't screw anything, but when I connected the wires to the lights controller, it was to much and broke the controller! I have a new controller, but to ensure I do not blow it up, should I put a ~2 ohm resistor in so the amperage coming out to the controller is roughly 6 amps, which is it's max current? 12v / 2ohm = 6a? If so, what resistor should I get?
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    Could you please tell me the power wattage of the LED lamps?
    If you want calculate correct current consumption, you should take into account the voltage drop on LED's.
    If LED tape is dedicated for 12 V systems I think you should connect it directly to the battery without the resistor - if we limit current by resistor, the light intensity will decrease.
    Next point is power dissipation - why you want to loss the precious power on the heating the resistor if you can spend it all on the LED's (more light).

    Meaby the problem is in the light controller - he does not have enought current efficiency? Instead powering the LEDS, you should power from the driver an relay or semiconductor electronic switch, and then the LED strip line.