Telefunken 40DTU652 17MB130S - Firmware USB Panel VES400QNDS-2D-N13

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    good morning. See if someone gives me a hand. I need the firmware to install the following model by USB.

    Brand: Telefunken
    Model: 40DTU652.
    Main: 17mb130s
    Panel: VES400QNDS-2D-N13.

    I don't know if more information is needed

    The tv has neither sound nor image nor backlight. The remote control works, the standby works, and the voltages at the source are ok, but it has some instabilities in the input voltage to the rear light. sometimes it goes down to 0v. The tv puts itself on standby after approximately 5 minutes. Let's see if someone has the exact firmware for my model, so that it detects the remote control. Thanks in advance.
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    try this one, the software should also fit your model

    your model is 40DTU652, with
    main 17MB130S
    panel VES400QNDS-2D-N13
    remote control R/C4318

    this software is for model D40U298N4CWH, with
    main 17MB130S
    panel VES400QNDS-2D-N13
    remote control R/C4318 or R/C4390

    copy the files mb130_en.bin, mb130_PM51_connected.bin, mb130_RomBoot_AMZ.bin and usb_auto_update_G10.txt in the main folder of an empty usb stick fat32 formatted
    insert the usb stick in the tv
    while holding down the ok button on the remote control, insert the power cord in the mains socket
    keep the ok button pressed until the standby led starts to flash quickly: the update will start
    release ok button and wait
    at the end, tv will turn on by itself