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Samsung CW29Z338T chassis S63B - I need a memory chip

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    In the base there is a charge to the OTVC CW29X308P also a chassis S63B. However, I do not know how they differ. OTVC Is dead (the LED-OTVC is off, the relay does not turn on the degaussing coils, etc.) Voltage + 12V actually about 10V reaches the F-Box from the inverter. There are also all other voltages from the inverter except for + 5V with IC803 (switched on with power signal from the F-Box). On the F-Box there is a power supply. 5V St-by with IC802. They are also nap. 3.3V and 1.8V from individual stabilizers. So I would like to insert the original batch from this TV, the more so because access to memory is difficult. I would also like to ask for some additional suggestions.
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    Service technician RTV
    On this ch. mass fbt fell
    - change the condition in the collector hota J6920A / check Hota diode modulator (combined) D418
    check R403 33 Om, R438 3.3k)
    above. moving power

    What is your fbox> on SMP6733G
    check the quartz in it
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    Since there is no original charge for the moment, I will substitute the one indicated by my friend mirex. I knew about this charge writing in my query, but I made a Czech mistake by entering the TV model instead of the letter Z (CW29Z .... I entered CW29X ..). I will write on Monday what next with TV after substituting the only charge from the base.
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    Do not even impose it because it will not change the damage of your work.
    There is a defective processor on the F-box, and you do not even replace it because you need one with the already programmed flash, nothing will hurt you.
    Either somewhere with such a disassemble acting because Samsung is so far unavailable.
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    I substituted the memory indicated by my friend mirex and clean - it did not help. I was in touch with Samsung service - they bet on the F-Box, which is also suggested by a colleague, but this module is not available today, let alone its cost. The customer gave up repair so I think the topic is closed