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Bosch SRS55M78EU dishwasher - error code E: 24

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    Recently, the dishwasher has started to go crazy, displays the code E: 24 and the tap symbol lights up. I have to turn it on and off several times, including removing the power plug, to make it click.
    What could it be?
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    Hello, I had a similar error in Hoover, cleaning the filters on the water supply helped, it may be too low water pressure, I also encountered this. I personally clean all filters and 98% helps.
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    The strainer on the AquaStop is clean. The water pressure does not change in such a short time.
    Does the location of the AquaStop (horizontal / vertical) matter? For me it is horizontal from the beginning, but the problem appeared only now.
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    E 24 is a water drain error, pump blocked or poor drain - choked.
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    Confirmed by Bosch service:

    There may be several reasons for this
    - drain not completely clear
    - pump chamber obstructed
    - incorrectly positioned flap on the pump.
    Please check the drain pump compartment in accordance with the operating instructions.

    Now it went without a sensation, but you already know what's going on.
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    I wanted to share my experiences
    I also had an e-24 error (drain).
    The dishwasher hummed as it washed, the voice tapping against the spokes of a bicycle :)
    Thanks to the electrode people, I got into the pumps.
    The smaller one had a seed in the gears, but that was not the reason.
    The bigger one had a stuck toothpick and a big stone, they were tapping it.

    dishwasher Siemens SN56M580EU.

    if someone is struggling with removing the underside, I suggest:
    - unscrew the bottom sheet metal panel - two screws (exactly below the door on the front)
    - unscrew the side walls (two screws in the seal)
    - put the dishwasher on the back (note, there may be some water)
    - in the upper part of the bottom, on both sides, you will see one latch, you just need to move it with a screwdriver
    - there is a bent soft plate in the lower part, you need to straighten it
    - in the very center of the bottom there are two latches, loosen both and push them inside
    - now we gently pull the bottom, looking if something is still holding
    - watch out for snakes, water will fall when they fall

    thank you to everyone who contributes here
    I became a hero in my home :D :D :D

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    Hello, I also had a code 24 (E24) on the display and constant water in the dishwasher, it did not want to drain.
    For me, there is a small plastic near the strainer where the dishwasher filter (probably during the last selection of food waste). Such a gray horseshoe-shaped plastic.
    In my opinion, it detached itself when cleaning the strainer recently and after a dozen or so washes it probably moved to the impeller responsible for the drainage of water. When the rotor is blocked, an E24 error has probably popped up regarding problems with water drainage.
    After selecting the water, cleaning it from waste (by the way of failure) and inserting a horseshoe-shaped plastic (such a flat, approximately 7 centimeter plastic), I did a RESET (hold the START button for 3 seconds, time 001 appears and you close the dishwasher for 1 minute).
    After the complete and reset, the Bosh dishwasher works beautifully without calling a service technician, wasting time and money.
    best regards
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    Digging out - is there an emergency water drain in the dishwasher? I chose what did not drain, checked the pump impeller, and would now like to drain the rest of the water from the system to the sewer. Is there any option to run the pump for a short time?
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    Added after 2 [minutes]:

    So in turn

    Select a program on the control panel to drain the water.
    Wait for the machine to start it.
    Disconnect the power to the dishwasher.
    Turn off the water supply and remove the hoses.
    On the right wall of the dishwasher there were rags on the floor.
    We unscrew the garbage filter and the salt reservoir cover.
    Gently tilt the device on the right side. Some water may still run off.
    We drag the dishwasher to a warm, well-ventilated place and open the door to let the machine dry inside.
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    In my dishwasher, it was enough to clean the filter from the inside. Remove the plastic rotor cover from the inside of the dishwasher, and take out the wires there, which I don't know where they came from, but the problem is gone.