Removing Stickers from Car: Sunroof Leak, Brown Adhesive Tape Residue & Effective Methods

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    Welcome back. Has anyone ever tried to remove some stickers from a car? My sunroof once leaked and I covered all its lengths with wide brown adhesive tape. Like cardboard boxes. Now I can't get rid of it because it won't come off. The film itself peeled off from the tape and the brown glue remained. How to get rid of it?
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    simply with some solvent - but be careful not to use too much of this solvent - it can damage the varnish. I once washed the glue on the tape with extraction gasoline - I think that Pb will also handle it without worrying about the varnish
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    Kerosene or isopropyl alcohol. I personally use bremse reiniger from Forch which washes almost everything.
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    Depends on what paint. be careful with acrylic.
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    It's not true that old varnish is hard to move, I know it from experience.
    I always remove nakielki nitro has a cloth to wipe a few times, they go down without a problem, the problem is after breaking, only the varnish under the nakielkami is more vivid, you need to polish it.
    However, as they were for a long time, sometimes the coating is not applied and under the right angle and light you can see it.

    Always check how the solvent will affect the paint somewhere in an invisible place
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    marek1977 wrote:
    Depends on what paint. be careful with acrylic.

    well, acrylic and metallic are one of the most durable varnishes because they are chemically hardened (or maybe you meant some kind of autorenolac?). old stickers are safest to remove with extraction gasoline, because it has no right to move any varnish, and for "harder" nitro pieces, but you have to do it efficiently because it MAY damage the varnish (which does not mean that it always damages!)
    PS. and I have a question, how do you get rid of the old double-sided tape (such a sponge on which e.g. emblems, letters, etc. are glued?)
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    There are special sprays for removing stickers and glue after them. I always start with something less aggressive. Very often it is enough to spray WD 40 and wait a few minutes. The glue will soften and easily wipe off in the form of dumplings.
    Before using any agent, always test it on an inconspicuous part of the bodywork!
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    Then I need to use some thinner or wd40. I tried salicylic alcohol before but it didn't help at all. Thanks for the replies :) Greetings to all and Happy New Year!
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    Depends on what tape. After the gray packing tape, we usually wash it off with denatured alcohol, sometimes with some other tape, with extraction gasoline.
    And large, colorful stickers from the doors and hoods of company cars come off after heating with a heat gun. :D
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    Tape adhesives can be treated with fat, e.g. cooking oil, etc., wait and they can be removed.
    Ideas with nitro are crap, I saw a car like this once, the paint lost its shine.
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    paint has lost its shine :P good... I have been removing such things for many years with ordinary nitro... nothing has ever happened, gaskets are more afraid of nitro than the paint itself, provided that it is not fresh... extraction gasoline is milder so if you are afraid to use nitro use just her.
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    Hello, I, for example, removed the sticker with the registration number from the window with a dryer - it went without a problem, and then only with a solvent so that there was no sign. The solvent shouldn't do anything to the paint, I use it many times to wash off some dirt from the car.
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    As for registration stickers, I use hot water, a hair dryer and a razor blade. sometimes you have to take it off so as not to damage it ... and with nitro solvent I also wash dried tar from asphalt, or remains of flies ... :)