Music Box. How to make a music box with your own melody?

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    I posted this topic here because I have no idea about electronics and I need help.
    My problem is that I need to construct a music box with my own melody, for which of course I have sheet music.
    Some time ago I bought a self-assembly kit online, on the AVT2811 board. It was submitted to me by my father, but he withdrew from further cooperation, unfortunately. So the music box works, but with the melody already programmed.
    Do you know a way where I could upload my melody?
    It may be a different arrangement. I think it will be a very interesting challenge.
    Maybe it doesn't look like it, but it's really important to me because it would be a gift for my friend, our hit from, well, probably 10 years ago, memories in a nice frame. I already have everything planned, only this melody...
    I will be very grateful for your answer and any help.
    Kind regards, Monika.

    Ps. I don't know if I posted the topic in the right place. Please let me know if this is the case and I will correct the error as soon as possible.
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    As can be seen from the description below, it is possible to upload your own melody.

    The music box is a container for storing small items, e.g. jewelry. After opening it, the sounds of your favorite song are heard, additionally they are accompanied by colorful flashes. The bottom of the music box is illuminated with four colorful, super bright LEDs.
    Along with the project, two special, easy-to-use editors were prepared. With their help, the manufacturer of the device is able to create his own melodies and lighting systems. In this way, the music box can become, for example, an interesting gift, tailored individually to the preferences of the recipient. The shape of the board is selected so that the system can be easily installed in a round container - a metal box.

    The device is especially recommended for electronics enthusiasts who like to prepare interesting gadgets and gifts on their own

    Selected parameters:

    o switching on the device - contactless, phototransistor
    o light source - four multi-colored, high-efficiency LEDs
    o sound transducer - piezo
    ocontrol - ATTiny series microprocessor
    o[b]two editors for custom composition of melodies and lighting systems obattery powered
    o minimal power consumption in inactive state
    o power supply - 3 Vdc
    o the set includes a printed circuit board, programmed circuit and documentation

    A version with a set of elements for self-assembly AVT2811 B is available

    Detailed description in EdW 2/07

    Added after 6 [minutes]:

    I found a statement by the author of the music box and his e-mail address, I attach.
    Ask him to explain how to get the editors if they are not included in the kit.

    What is it for?
    The music box is a storage container
    small items such as jewelry.
    When you open it, you will hear the sounds of your favorite
    the song it will accompany
    a riot of lights. The bottom of the music box is illuminated
    is four colored, super bright LEDs
    LED. I share with the project
    two special, easy-to-use editors that allow
    easy to create your own melody
    and the light effect, because every gift should
    have an individual accent, be unique,
    just like the recipient.
    Jakub BorzdyƄski
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    Thank you very much for the hint. I have already written a message to this gentleman, I hope that the problem will be solved soon :)
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    OKAY. I got a response from the author that reads as follows:

    The program for composing songs is available at www.elportal.pl. You should generate a file using it, replace it with the file that is in the original software and compile the whole thing. The compilation boils down to installing the WinAVR package and running the start.bat script.
    The compilation will generate a HEX file, which should be used to program the microcontroller. And that's basically it. An article describing AVR programming was a ready-made batch in one of EdW's issues, unfortunately I don't remember which one...
    Additional materials for the project are available here: http://edw.com.pl/ftp_05/200702avt2811.zip

    And information that it will be possible to contact him only after 24.07, because he left.
    And I'm in a hurry, I have until 30.07 :(

    I already have this program for composing songs, I found some article about music boxes and it's still a hocus-pocus for me.

    How do I get this tune into this weirdness??? With what? What do I need to do this?

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    sorry but I will not help further, your music box is very sparsely described (no diagram) and a different construction than the one in the article you quoted. Good luck.
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    If you have a record of the melody you want to upload to this music box in the form that the notes were once typed into phones, I can help you program the microcontroller. Except that I would write my own program in Bascom because I know it and it would take me a moment. The music box is not very complicated, ATtiny2313, buzzer and some LEDs. It is not difficult to decipher the pin connections to individual components. I just hope the microcontroller is on the stand.

    Enter the title and artist of the melody you want to upload. My guess is that the music box starts playing when it's lit, when it's in a dark box/room it's not playing. I still have to check because maybe I have Edw from February 2007 at home, or I can have AVT on the disc.

    Alternatively, you need to look for someone from your town who knows C and programs AVR microcontrollers.
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    Ok, I added photos of what the board looks like from both sides. I'm looking for a detailed description.

    I am also sending the melody and written notes, I hope you will be able to use them.

    I know that working with me is not easy, but seriously - I have no idea what all these avrs, attins, etc. mean, so unfortunately the "like a peasant in between..." method will work best here.
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    Unfortunately, I don't know the notes :/ and I can't "translate" it into the notation required by my program. After work, I will look for the notation of the notes as in the old telephones, where the ringtone was introduced by composing "notes".
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    I'm trying to add a melody, but I can't... I don't know why.
    Can I email?
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    Unfortunately, the melody won't help me, you'd need a musician who would translate the notes into this notation:
    Music Box. How to make a music box with your own melody?

    I found a few articles on this subject and I think I can handle translating the notation into the notation I need, it's actually not that difficult. I will try to translate it today and upload it to the microcontroller, I will record the sound and send it to you so that you can evaluate the effect.
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    Yeah, I don't have that record unfortunately :(
    I don't even need all of these notes, I only care about the first three on the second stave, the rest is unimportant.
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    I've done some reading, and I'll probably be able to translate it into the notation I need. I'll try to put it on one of my robots later today and record the sound the buzzer makes. If it resembles this melody, I'll easily upload it to your music box.
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    I'm so happy that it can actually work :) ))))
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    However, it's not that simple, I'm not a musician, I changed the notes to letter notation, but it doesn't sound like the original. There are some dots or dashes next to the notes that I can't decipher. I even started a topic on some music forum with a request to translate these notes, but so far no response.
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    I have good news :) , the notes have been "translated" into the notation I need, when I come back from work I will check the effect right away and I will know today if it sounds as it should. We can slowly try to send the music box to me so that I can program it and send it back to you.
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    It worked, here's the end result:

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    Hello, I just bought this music box from the AVT store and I would also like to program my own melody.
    So, as I understand it correctly, I have to translate the notation into some other one in the given editors (if I get them) and then connect this microcontroller to the computer and upload it by replacing the appropriate files?

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    kierensky007 , in the 4th post you have a link with EdW, there are all the necessary files and an editor to create code from notes. Then you have to compile the whole thing in some C compiler. I wrote my own code in Bascom, so I needed to translate the melody/notes into the notation as in the picture, from one of my posts in this topic. I programmed the music box, including putting the microcontroller to sleep and reacting to light.
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    kierensky007 wrote:
    Guys, another question about programming:
    is this programmer enough?

    is it already complete to connect uP to it?

    Yes, it is complete. If you have an LPT connector in your computer, you will also need a test board (universal) with an ISP10 connector or a double row of x5 goldpins, some 5V power supply and connecting everything together. The music box does not have a programming connector unfortunately, so you will have to program the microcontroller outside of it, so solder a socket (preferably a precision one) in the music box to translate the microcontroller smoothly.

    Just looked at the price and freaked out. The same programmer (STK200) can be assembled for less than PLN 10, for PLN 80 you can buy a decent USB one. I recommend looking on a well-known auction site.
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    Like the author of the topic, I would like to make a playing element that I would like to place in a self-made and decorated box that would play a song of my choice. As the making of the box should not be a problem for me, so the playing element is black magic for me ... More than 4 years have passed since the creation of this thread, so I suspect that technology has also moved forward. That's why I'm reaching out to you asking for help. Can this item be purchased? Assemble and program? I've seen many offers of ready-made layouts with many melodies to choose from, but I care about one - my own. I also care about a simple yet effective solution. Please help.
    Kind regards.