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    request for identification at the occasion => is a coil or inverter?

    where could I get it?

    Does 8326Q specify any specific parameters of this element?

    if there are 3 same elements on the board, can you use some other replacement or if the replacement is all 3 the same ???

    thank you in advance for any suggestions

    I attach a photo:
    [I am looking for] R36W 4C 8326Q

    Added after 18 [minutes]:

    Thank you very much for your quick response ...

    the problem is that at some point the laptop died completely => HP PAVILION HDX series => I found on HP "Blank Screen LED Error Codes":


    w / g this one flick of diodes (capslock / numlock) is a "non-functioning" processor => I decided to see what with it => I thought I would take / insert and see => I take out the plate and there is such a flower and these 3 elements in the vicinity of the slingshot. .

    if everything is correct ...

    [I am looking for] R36W 4C 8326Q
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    It is a choke, measure the inductance of one good and choose because even in the same model chokes can come from a different producer