Toyota Corolla D5Z-H - I am looking for a schematic for Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5Z

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    I am asking the honorable forum members for help.
    I need an electrical scheme for the Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5Z-H or at least the main connector of exactly 8 wires: brown 1.5mm2, red 1.5mm2 (I guess that the power supply), black-red 1.5mm2, green 0.5mm2, blue 0.5mm2 , blue-white 0.5mm2, blue-yellow 0.5mm2, yellow 0.5mm2.

    I want to mount the parking heater in my corolla. I have already ordered the furnace and wires supposedly dismounted from the corolla. I am asking for pictures of the engine preheater already installed and its location as well as connection elements (peripheral), electric water pump, fuel pump and wires. I was looking for the net but unfortunately I did not find it.

    The vehicle is: Corolla E12 D4D 1.4 2005.

    Thank you in advance for taking up the topic
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    Sent on PW
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    deesz, Please send the diagram to Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5Z-H, Toyota Corolla 1.4D-4D, 2004. I am from Slovakia. Thank you very much.
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    Predseda wrote:
    deesz, Please send the diagram to Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5Z-H, Toyota Corolla 1.4D-4D, 2004. I am from Slovakia. Thank you very much.

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    Very fast reaction, thank you. :D
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    Colleagues, send it to me if it's not a problem.
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    I also ask for a diagram.
    I also have a problem (stove without plug)
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    Hello !!!

    I would also like to ask for a scheme for this additional heat.

    Best regards, TIR
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    Hi, does anyone have manual for this "HYDRONIC D5Z-H" heater? It hit me a second time after 1 month and I will repair a :-( Toyota in the Dealership
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    I am looking for the Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5Z-H heat pump for the Toyota Corolla 1.4 D4D built in 2006.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I think I've mastered it - the stove is on!
    I have a stove with Corolla and in my case it looks like this:

    2.5mm2 red power supply +

    2.5mm2 brown power supply -

    2.5mm2 black / red blower control

    0.5mm2 green Fuel Pump

    0.5mm2 nieb / white

    0.5mm2 yellow start + (with blue)

    0.5mm2 blue start + (with yellow)

    0.5mm2 sky / yellow diagnosis

    For me, sometimes he did not control the fuel pump, but it turned out to be the pomp's fault.
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    I am Thomas from Sweden.
    I bought a D5Z-H from Ebay to install in my boat.
    But I have problem finding wiring diagram.
    Do I need to use eberspacher controller or can I just use a switch to start it?
    If anyone has it I would be very happy if You can mail to tajjson(malpa)gmail.com or post more info here.

    Many thanks in advance
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    hello, I would also ask for a schema for this additional heat
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    I join and ask for a diagram
    Thank you in advance.
    Or maybe someone will be public?
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    Gentlemen, I have hydronic heating D5Z-h, say if you have a Toyota computer, can I read the error codes of this heating on the table?
    And for the scheme, I would also be very grateful
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    Thank you for your help
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    Can I also ask for a diagram?

    The patient lies on the :) table
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    Does anyone have any installation (installation) D5Z-H in Corolla E12 1.4 D4D 2005? The stove works on the table, after mounting it to the car, it turned out that there is no voltage of the D + wire (red-yellow). How to find the way of this wire, where the main fuse, some relay. I attach the furnace diagram to Corolla, it may be useful to someone.
    Thank you in advance. Toyota Corolla D5Z-H - I am looking for a schematic for Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5Z
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    As I have recently become the owner of the Corolla 1.4 D4D, I am at the stage of "struggle" with inoperative combustion. When replacing the fuel filter, I noticed a loose plug from the additional heat, which could not be "clicked" when the clamp was pressed. The reason turned out to be the plug gasket rolled up. After removing the problem and "snapping" the plug, the additional heat reaction is unfortunately missing (it can be blocked). As the slot location does not facilitate measurements, I made the appropriate adapter and moved all the pins to a convenient place. And now I have a question for the experts on the topic. How it is with leads. The HYDRONIC II D5Z-H heating system should be installed in Corolla 1.4 D4D, which is supposed to have an outlet like in the picture above. It's different for me. I measured the following:

    1- mass
    2- pump power supply
    3- + 12V after the heating switch
    5- + 12V with fuse
    8- + 12V after starting the engine

    Initially, I thought there was a problem, but I found a Toyota scheme on which the leads are compatible with my measurements. I attach the diagram.

    In conclusion, how is it with these connections at D5Z-H in Corolla?

    Eberspache...ND-TV .pdf Download (517.31 kB)
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    Did you measure the voltages on connected plugs? The wiring layout is the same as on slot B1. Try to determine the colors of the wires. Toyota Corolla D5Z-H - I am looking for a schematic for Eberspacher HYDRONIC D5Z
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    Follow-up to my "fight"
    As access is difficult and the weather does not encourage you to "bury" in the car as I wrote above, I bought a new socket and plug for D5Z-H. I made a pin extension to the pin of all 8 pins (5x measured or good) and led them to the strip in an easily accessible place. Using EDiTH and the VAG-COM KKL interface, I was able to "partially connect" to the device via pin 4.
    "Partially" ie in the program settings I had to choose:
    Heater type - Hydronic II H / F
    Model - Truma
    The nebber model - Truma
    Comments - Truma JE K-line

    I can read: general data, errors and delete them (I get "21"), the value of temperature sensors and the status of subassemblies.
    I can not do any subassembly tests.
    I can not connect when I choose the model for Avensis, Corolla.
    That's all through pin -4 "diagnosis." By pin-7 "ISO diagnosis" I did not make a connection.
    As for the colors in the plug and the model number on the housing, I was unable to read due to the above-mentioned conditions.
    In the program I read:
    Item number: 22 5205 7001 0A
    software version 44.2A.01.08
    hardware version
    With such connections as I used to read somewhere, I searched through various forums (and this diagram, which I found).
    Factory-fitted heating, a car a month ago imported from Austria, there are no traces of "burying" in the system.
    I can add that the heating has worked over 56: 32h and it was started 584 times.
    I wonder if it's a lot or little?
    I am only at the beginning of the "fight" with the subject and next step will probably purchase some D5Z-H stimulant and calmly work on it on the table in the warmth.
    I greet the interested and look forward to interesting suggestions.
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    Hello all.
    In my Corolla e15 1.4 d4d after disconnecting the plug from the additional heat D5Z-H and after switching on the engine, including the heating button increases the engine speed (perceptible) so my question: is there any module between the button and the additional heater (the heater does not work, the fuses are good) and what this increase in turnover is caused by?
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    Sinus wrote:

    I can add that the heating has worked over 56: 32h and it was started 584 times.

    I have a stove that worked about 6000 hours. It was bought new and installed stationary for heating the workshop. The specified time is the heating time and not only the connection to the supply voltage. The first failure of the stove is a burnt sieve. The second, much more serious, occurred after about 9,000 hours of work. This time it was damage to the blower and much more expensive repair.
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    Good morning,

    I have a Corolla E15 with a factory fitted heater.
    I am trying to determine how to expand the installation so that I can start heating remotely. I will definitely need a washing-up lamp, but what else.

    I received information that the extension set has no. 24.9988.00.0073 but nowhere can I find any documentation (parts list, assembly instructions, etc.). To control me, the simplest timer / watch is enough for me.

    Maybe someone knows something?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I expanded it myself. Works with the clock, at a standstill and while driving. Cost of expanding the parts about PLN 450 and own labor.
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    Thank you for your answer.
    Did you use original Ebrspracher components or build your own driver? Could you share some details?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    I bought the clock at the auction, plug the original ebera, relays and pump also. Photos and scheme will be placed at the end of the week for lack of time or write on PW. You can buy a remote control driver for PLN 60, but the clock is probably better.
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    grzegorzkasownik wrote:
    You can buy a remote control for
    grzegorzkasownik wrote:
    , but the clock is probably better.

    In my opinion, it is even better and more convenient to control gsm from a smartphone via an app or text message.
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    The issue of taste and needs. I leave early and being still sleepy, I do not think about SMS and the clock remembers. As I wrote at the end of the week.