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    Hello, I have a problem with the fn function key, hp pavilion dv6 laptop, windows 7. To the point - at first I thought that the fn key did not work for me, because I tried, for example, to darken the image using the fn + f2 key, but it did not work, so I thought it didn't work. Now I'm playing a game where I need the f1, f2, f3 keys ... and I noticed that they work without the fn key - just like you normally have to press fn + f1, f2, f2, I just don't need it was not there at all and this is the problem, because I want to use these keys, and in return it dims or brightens the image, or goes to the desktop. I have no idea what is, I tried the Polish programmer's keyboard and Polish 214 and nothing.
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    Wait wait..
    I understand that in the Windows 7 environment the function keys (dim, etc.) do not work for you, but in the game, clicking the F2 or F3 key darkens your image, right? However, do the keys work normally, and when clicking a key, eg F2, the game performs the action assigned to it?
    If the latter option, then most likely the FN key is broken. If the first one, I don't quite understand how it is possible. See also how these keys (F2, F3, etc.) will behave when you connect an external keyboard to the computer.
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    Some laptops can be set to one of two function key modes.

    1) F1-F12 keys are reachable by pressing the function key itself, shortcuts (hotkeys) for screen brightness and other functions after holding down the Fn + function key

    2) exactly the opposite - the function key is reachable only after holding down Fn, hotkeys work without pressing Fn.

    On some laptops, you can change the mode of these keys in the BIOS. Here is an instruction for the Envy model, but it will be similar on the DV6.


    Please try changing this setting and see if it works.
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    More precise description of the problem:

    Well, as you know, to darken, lighten the image, scroll, turn up the volume down the music use the fn + f1, f2, f3 keys ... for me it looks like this, if I want to brighten the image in a standard way, I should use the fn + f3 key combinations according to the hp pavilion keyboard dv6, but for me it looks like I just don't have to press the fn key, just f3 is enough and dim the f2 key itself etc .. it seems to me that it is not broken, but there is something to support ... in the settings because if it was damaged, in this case the computer would have to be intelligent enough that, noticing that the fn key broke, decided to set it so that I would use the options assigned to the fki keys without pressing the fn key at the same time, which is rather a fairy tale better than what Mr. Andersen wrote, because, for example, the keys f1, f2, f3 .. are not only needed to set the brightness of the image, they also have many other functions, so this fn key must work and turn on at the right moment, not that I want to enter the bios and this one is dims my screen .. I will add that the computer brought from England and the language of the system is English, which has nothing to do with it
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    In HP to enter the bios you press the first ESC and then F10. In bios you should have the FN related option. SYSTEM CONFIGURATION> ACTION KEY MODE is to be DISABLED like a colleague dt1 you wrote you have a manual.
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    Yes that was the solution to the problem now everything works thanks so much for taking the time :)