Amica PI6506TF error f5 left side

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    Welcome gentlemen.
    The induction hob displays error F5.
    The problem is that the control module with the processor is functional. I exchanged it for a new one and still silence ...
    The error only appears on the left side of the disc.
    What can cause such behavior?
    What could have happened to the left module? I replaced transistors in it, large oval capacitors and all electrolytes.
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    Yes and after replacing it, the error only appears on the left boxes ...
    I have to change the left module but in its turn there is a problem that after replacing the transistors does not see the left big field but on it the error f5 does not occur.
    So in total I have two broken modules ...
    What can I possibly replace in modules?
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    I ordered the module in the promotion for 180 PLN today.
    If I replace it, I will let you know if everything is playing. :)
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    I understand.
    Only the software and control module I exchanged for the one used with another, but 100% efficient.
    The error only appears on the left side of the disc.
    Something must be wrong with the left module because as I replace it with another, the error does not display.
    Anyway, the module has already been ordered and the price is not huge, so we'll see what will happen.
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    After replacing the left module, the disc works without problems.