[Solved] unable to connect to wifi hotspot on phone

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    I have such a problem.
    I bought a smartphone (UMI Iron) and I have Android 5.1 installed on it
    I set a Wi-Fi hotspot in it and I cannot connect to this hotspot. I tried with the security type WPA2-PSK (only such I can set in the phone) and also the option without security.
    In the option without security, I have a network limitation and with security I can not connect to the network at all. I tried additional programmers for network connections and it did not work. I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop
    I tried with another computer also with Win 8.1 so much that a different brand because it's Lenovo and I have Del and it works ok on Lenovo. Connecting via wifi from another smartphone also works ok, only on this Dell I have a problem
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    So they "bite" software or hardware. Try to connect to a bootable linux.
    If ok under linux, maybe another driver will work. Change the connection and card settings.

    ps. It will be even more difficult with encryption.
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    I tested the topic,
    unfortunately I couldn't run linux on this notebook because I don't have a cd-rom.
    But a colleague has an identical notebook and also with win8.1, he checked - the hotspot works.
    I also checked on 4 other dellas of other models and it also works. It just doesn't work for me. I tried to update the network card patches from della and installed probably with 4GB win 8.1 upgrade and still hot spot not working.
    Are there any more ideas what can be done about it?

    Added after 58 [minutes]:

    I tested one more topic:
    I made a hotspot on another phone with encryption:
    WPA-PSK - I connect with my laptop and it works
    I set up:
    WPA2-PSK - and it doesn't work anymore, it's the same as on my UMI Iron phone
    However, on the UMI I can only set the WPA2-PSK encryption
    Is there any possibility for windows to understand this encryption or in Android 5.1 it is possible to encrypt via WPA-PSK and not WPA2

    Added after 26 [minutes]:

    ok, solved the problem

    1.we enter the Network and Sharing Center
    2.we configure a new wifi network with WPE2-PSK settings
    3. we enter the properties of the wireless network
    4. security then advanced settings
    5. and select only one possible option, as shown in the picture :)

    unable to connect to wifi hotspot on phone

    I hope someone will find it useful :)
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    thanks for the info