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VPN to the company does not work over WIFI

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    I have a VPN set up for a company on Windows 10. The VPN is based on the l2tp protocol.
    It does not connect through the WIFI connection, but if I connect the same laptop with a cable, the VPN works.
    My computer is a dell inspirion 5000 series.

    I think I've tried everything.

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    Try to turn off the laptop's firewall when you are on WIFI.
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    Disabling the firewall and anti-virus does not help.
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    What is this wifi card, what drivers, some additional software for it?
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    The card is QUALCOMM QCA9977.

    I also bought an external wifi usb tplink card. And it is also impossible to connect to a VPN.
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    Network and Internet specialist
    Check to see if you have any Dell-installed applications with the name SmartBytes or Killer Wireless Suite in them - this is an add-on for Wi-Fi cards. Uninstall.
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    SPTry before establishing VPN connection after WIFI, reset the router (disable / enable)
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    SmartBytes - uninstalled. And it worked

    thanks for the help.