Haier LET39Z18HF - needed firmware or batch to flash

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    hello, I need a firmware for this Chinese or possibly a flash drive. The TV has a motherboard marked T.MT5310.87B 12073 and does not want to start normally.
    It starts after multiple combination with the power switch while pressing the s-by button on the remote control. Then it goes correctly, until it is switched off by, for example, a remote control.
    Such a bug occurred in a similar tv called Sencor and uploading a new update from the USB receiver did not consume this defect and I think in this case also will do the trick. Ultimately, it will come in handy and a flash drive, but here you will have to get to it because it sits in a canned tin, which unfortunately needs to be desoldered.
    Please, therefore, colleagues for support.
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    thanks to zdzich42,
    after unpacking, I do not know why, but my AJAWE programmer stated that the file was wrong, but when I changed its name it read it. Maybe the name of the file was Russian letters and could not deal with it ??
    After uploading this charge, the TV set was functioning properly. The flash in this receiver is in the shielded field.
    Thanks and regards.
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    It is possible that the name with the Cyrillic alphabet was mixed up. Most importantly, the repair was successful. :D :D
    Out of curiosity, I put this file in the Revelprog and it opens without a problem even with that name.
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    After uploading the above mentioned batch, as I wrote earlier, the TV is fully functional.