My LG tv dont remember settings

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    Hello, I have LG 22LG3000 lcd tv. Problem is that when I turn off tv and later turn on tv I get welcome screen, like screen when tv was first time started and I need to go thru the wizzard and save settings. It looks like My tv goes to factory reset mode (factory default settings) every time it turn off/or in standbay.
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    I know that this topic is quite old but this kind of problem often has an easy solution so maybe i will help someone else.
    Try to find in settings an option called "Demo mode" or "Shop mode" and turn it off. The feature is used in shops in order to automatically restore settings which were changed by customers.
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    I wan't to add that - If turning off demo mode (if it wasn't on) didn't work - Check is memory in TV not broken,not working or something...Just saying :P