Hotpoint Ariston KIX 644 BEIT induction plate - displays error F5.

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    I am asking for a hint what an F5 bug will be, I will be grateful for the whole list of Ariston cooker errors.

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    As it is a program similar to Amica, you can check the same damage :D
    That is interrupting the connection between the tiles. So in a nutshell.
    So slides, connectors, connecting cables. Any patina or interrupting cable (or connector) can cause this.

    But there is also a good chance that the driver is damaged. :-(

    in amice it means exactly that:

    Anomalies in the connections between the panel
    touch and electrical splitter
    – all cooking zones are inactive,
    all displays are shown

    and that the rest of the service is very similar, I think it is possible to follow this trail further. :D
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    inventco.eu thank you for your help, unfortunately The quality and reliability of the connections I've checked is very good. I have already repaired a dozen induction hobs and almost always the problem consisted of lack of contact, cold February, burned out elements and the most frequently flooded parts of the control board. Here the plate is perfect without any visible signs of malfunction. Power transistors and large capacity capacitors. I am concerned about the unstable operation of the FSL136HR based inverter. There are large pulsations on the oscilloscope, possibly due to some greater load, unfortunately unsteady. Electrolytic capacitors checked (even replaced). Maybe some suggestions from dear colleagues.
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    NTC thermistor on a large inductor for checking / replacing.
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    adamekp thank you for helping, unfortunately, today I checked the mentioned thermistors. They all have the same resistance at 88kOhm. Thermistor connectors and conductors in perfect condition. Maybe some other suggestion.
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    Generally, F5 is a communication error and, as he wrote, inventco.eu you have to check everything for connections / cold solder. Personally, I had a case of a released DTT with the same mistake that's why I wrote to check it out. Maybe, however, cold February / joints? Did you "snag" cable harnesses?