Audi A4 B7 - Central locking remote control not suitable - electronics repair

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    I have a problem with the remote control for the central lock in the Audi A4 B7, I opened the car in the morning, I could not close it under the job. The remote control can not be encoded by holding it in the ignition and pressing the "open" button. VCDS also does not read signals from the remote control (the other operates normally), hence the conclusion that the remote does not transmit. I will add that the battery is new and the LED is flashing.
    The pilot undressed and found the layout responsible for broadcasting (U2741BN), I downloaded his description.
    Below I paste one side of the tile and the diagram:
    Audi A4 B7 - Central locking remote control not suitable - electronics repair Audi A4 B7 - Central locking remote control not suitable - electronics repair

    According to scheme 10, the foot of the system is connected to the oscillator, there is another element on the plate along the way (I marked it with a yellow circle). If it was like in the diagram, then this element should be something like a fuse, I think well? The meter shows the break.
    What do you think about it?
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    Is the 9 leg connected to the oscillator via a capacitor?
    Pull this item out and measure it or it's sometimes a capacitor just something strange has color.
    I would not expect a fuse there any more.
    If you have an oscilloscope, see if this oscillator works.
    Have you checked if this system has power?
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    The second foot of the oscillator is connected directly to the ground. Between the pin 9 of the system and the mass, the meter set to measure the diode shows about 600, I can not see any paths, maybe the leg hangs in the air? And here is a small discrepancy in comparison to the scheme :)
    Well, the color does not match the capacitor.
    I do not have an oscilloscope, however, the power supply is ok (checked through the paths).
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    How can you remove the oscillator and u2741?
    Now we do not know how it is connected.
    Measurement with a meter set on the diode will not do anything.
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    szeryfff wrote:
    the system power supply is ok (checked on paths)

    Check the voltage with a voltmeter directly on the "legs" of the integrated circuit.

    Compare connections with U2741BN in the VW remote control
    Audi A4 B7 - Central locking remote control not suitable - electronics repair
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    I undressed the second key, the element previously marked by the yellow circle also has a break, so it should be.
    I wonder if the problem is not in the comfort module. On Friday, how the pilot stopped working, I had such a mistake:
    00955 - Key 1 35-10 - - - Intermittent.
    I have now (probably) fired both pilots from the comfort module (group of 00 in adaptations), I added a functional key as 1 and works normally, in measuring blocks in channel 7 in the 3rd field I have 1000, i.e. coded 1 key, but in the mistakes I have something like that again :
    00956 - Key 2 35-10 - - -
    and the second key is not coded: / I do not know what's going on: /
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    Check out the pilot on the pilot tester at all, because that's how we can do it.
    Maybe this error is now because you have not finished the procedure of adding pilots.
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    I did it many times, and I never met such a mistake :) This is not a very complicated operation. Is there any other option to erase the pilots than the group of 00 in adaptations?
    Such a tester should have at the points of earning keys what?
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    in my "little" city I have not found anyone who would have a pilot tester: / probably if I visited everyone, in the end I would find, but it's a waste of time :)
    I came up with another idea, I set the TV on the 433 Mhz channel, and the same strips appear on the TV on both keys, so I guess I can conclude that the "damaged" key, however, is suitable? in which case, why does not the car pick up?
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    I have the same case in the AUDI A4 B7
    The remote control has suddenly stopped working, the second pilot works without any problems.
    Battery replaced - no change.
    It can not be programmed using the "ignition" method and by VCDS.
    On the TV set to 433 MHz, the lanes also appear on the remote control.

    Is "planned aging of the product"?
    Buddy, sheriff, did you find a solution?

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    pablu wrote:
    the pilot is giving something

    You wrote well - "something" is suitable.

    You should use a pilot tester, because without this it is a fortune-telling of grounds.
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    I used to sit on it. And in my case there was a slap on the side of the buttons at atmela but I do not remember exactly. The problem is that it is programmed by the manufacturer. And I did not find anything to insert instead.