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Dishwasher Electrolux ESL65070R - Error 2 signals and completion indicator.

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    I am fighting with the above-mentioned built-in dishwasher, I checked in turn:
    - efficient solenoid valve connected - water enters the jacket
    - the drain water pump works fine
    - hydrostat after blowing switching
    - I blew the hose from the hydrostat towards the bowl - unobstructed
    - the heater was not checked because the program does not start
    - I pulled out the washing pump, the tacho generator after turning the rotor gives voltage. To two pump poles, the pump works correctly when the mains voltage is applied.
    The test program with the 1 and 3 keys does not start, still 2 signals and the end of program indicator.
    The water sensor in the bowl can somehow be checked electrically?
    I will apply the cleaning as in the link?
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    Level 22  
    The sensor was dirty and the cup was too, but it did not help (although it had to be cleaned). I noticed that when connected directly to the solenoid valve water does not enter the bowl. So thorough cleaning with a syringe and hot water etc. I found a toothpick, fish bone and bone and lots of hard fat. 60 minutes of patient pumping and the dishwasher stops pumping and begins to draw in water. I would add that the owner washed irregularly. Problem solved.