MAN TGA 2004 410KM - EBS Error Codes 03163-00, 03121-00, 03519-00, 03171-00: Ignition Issues

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    After turning the ignition, I see errors: EBS 03163-00, EBS 03121-00, EBS 03519-00, EBS 03171-00.
    The car is a MAN TGA 410KM from 2004.
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    EBS-03519-00 OBD: wheel speed sensor, error during the last switch-on cycle. Cause of error: memory function of the rotary sensors. Clear any errors in your memory and do a test drive to exceed the speed of 7 km / h if you are okay. the error should disappear.
    EBS 3121-00: Brake wear sensor A (front axle left) out of range. Check the wiring and plug connections on this sensor, it may be that the sensor itself has failed.
    EBS 3171-00: same situation as in the previous code, only on the right side.
    EBS 3163-00: wheel sensor front axle right, starting error. This error is related to the 03519-00 error.
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    Thanks for the help.