No image from computer via HDMI in Windows

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    Television: Samsung PS51E450.
    HDMI connector.
    Problem: after starting the image is transferred in POST window mode and Windows logo (640x480x60p). After starting the system - no image. Driver applications (the latest version) do not recognize the connected TV. I reset the TV. The same on both HDMI connectors. Connecting another computer - the same. When the TV is running, when I disconnect the HDMI cable (I have also tested 2 others), Windows will report the reconnection with sound - but the image is missing.
    Thanks for the help
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    Which computer is connected to the TV. If this is a laptop, look on the keyboard for the pictogram showing the screen and probably in combination with the FN key you can enable image transfer.
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    What kind of graphics do you have in it?
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    I assume that the drivers installed properly. Look for the additional monitor option via HDMI in the graphics settings.
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    On the Win10 laptop it does not detect an additional device (TV). Switching with the FN + keys ... does not work. I thought that the HDMI ports were damaged, but in total the image displays (at the computer startup).
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    As I connected Samsung to a PC via HDMI, I also had a problem, maybe it's the same.
    If you have DVI HDMI input in the monitor, connect there. Click the remote control settings menu to enter the monitor (at my source).
    Arrows to input with connected monitor, settings / tools / tools and change the name to DVI PC. Then I just started the monitor from the same computer, using the same cable to receive a higher resolution signal.
    Strange, but it helped me ;)
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    And what is the maximum resolution of the image supported by this computer and this tv?

    On some TVs, first set the port versions for the computer in the HDMI option.

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    The Win + P combination in the system you tried?