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Samsung galaxy j5 - Slow charging

Zyguli121 3021 3
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    Hello, I already have 5 months of this Samsung Galaxy j5 and I have had a problem with it for about 2 days charging with slow charging I tried to unload it to zero and charge but it was still the same and I changed the charger and unloaded it again and it was written that slow charging .
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    Pay attention to the cable. I do not know if the J5 has a quick charge function, but you can install eg AccuBattery and check the state of mA going from the charger. Sometimes a slightly damaged wire reduces the mA. With a completely almost discharged tel, the current should be at least 900mA.
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    White moisture markers? I had so much in the art that after flooding and cleaning it took a long time to load
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    What are your charger parameters?