Samsung Galaxy J5 does not load

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    Hello, for some time I have a problem with Samsung Galaxy J5.
    The phone does not want to be charged right after connecting, in short:
    - the phone does not charge immediately, I have to move the cable or phone and then catch
    - you can not use or even touch the phone when it connects to charging - because then the charging icon disappears and does not charge and even there is less battery or charge icon, but the phone has as much battery percentage as it had or slightly less (1- 3%)
    - the phone charges slower than it used to be and discharges faster
    - it happens that once it has been successfully connected and charged, after some time it will stop charging itself
    - charging goes more efficiently when the charger is not connected every now and then, only rarely
    It is definitely not the fault of the charger, the phone was checked on 3 Samsung original chargers and a USB cable at the computer.
    There are no visible signs of battery damage or entry to the charger cable. What could it be? Damaged charging socket, battery or maybe something quite different?
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    Simply, the repairs are required on the site, or on your own if after the warranty period, the self-charging socket.
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    There is nothing to combine and bend the nests to move (it will break out of the pins and there will be a problem and costs) or it works or not. To exchange
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    Undress and check, sometimes you just need to solder again.