Washing machine LG F12B9QD - Error LE motor overload

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    I have a problem with the washing machine as in the subject. The washing machine occasionally displays an LE error.
    The washing machine behaves identically as in 20-21 second on the film on YT:

    I removed the rotation sensor, measured - everything on it seems to be fine, i.e. the resistors are undamaged. After soldering all the elements (by default - it may be cold February) I installed the part again - unfortunately without effects. I encounter such a problem for the first time - maybe someone could help me in this topic?

    I will only add that the pouring pump is fully functional, the bearings also. The washing machine also goes through a test program.

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    The washing machine has a sensor marked: 6501KW2001B. Replacement for Aswo, as well as the one you wrote about @cezet it's 6501KW2001A. Are these parts different or are they completely covariate? Or maybe one of them is an improved version?
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    Hello! I apologize for reheating, but I have a similar problem. The sensor turned out to be damaged. However, due to the fact that urgent time I would prefer to replace the hallotrons inside the sensor. The problem is that it's hard for me to find the right replacements. The designation on those inside is W12C 45U3. Could someone help me and tell you what to put in there?

    Added after 11 [hours] 51 [minutes]:

    For those who will have a similar problem, I leave confirmed info. Hall sensor, position "rotor", numbers 6501KW2001A has two Hall sensors. If someone is in a hurry, or there is no home appliances service at hand, they can be exchanged TLE4935L. It will work. Probably every other hallotron with similar parameters will also work together.