Iveco EuroCargo Tector - CAN failure

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    I have trouble with the Iveco EuroCargo 120 E24 vehicle, Tector F4AE0681B engine, year 2004. The driver claims that driving on an unpaved meadow (I don't know how fast) he hit or hit the chassis (no special damage can be seen). After this event, the engine was still running, but the fault indication appeared on the display. Above the yellow indicator is an icon that does not signal the meter has failed, and above the red one is the CAN network. The driver thought that he would turn off the engine and he would reset it, but he didn't start the engine anymore and stayed in the fields. I managed to tow the car to the workshop and I work. When trying to start the engine, the starter is silent, although it is in working order and the repetitive relay also. The transmission slack sensor is OK. The EDC driver is powered but TEXA cannot detect it.
    As Iveco is not my favorite subject, I have a few questions.
    1. Is it in Iveco that if the immo does not give a signal then the engine driver is not detected by the diagnostic device?
    2. Do the clocks work with immo after CAN to start the engine and blocking the start can be caused by a meter failure eg February as in Focus 2?
    3. Where are the CAN terminators? After measurements it turns out that the EDC controller terminates the bus on one side, because after disconnecting it the resistance increases to approx. 120 ohm, and after connecting it it is approx. 60 ohm. After examining the CAN cables, it turns out that the other end is tacho.

    In this vehicle, TEXY programmers did not foresee IC and BC diagnostics. When performing a general scan, I have active faults:
    ABS, CAN line, code: D8.
    ABS, brake signal, code: 34.
    IC, engine start message from the EDC BC control device: 0610.
    IC, no communication with BC motor controller: 0E02.

    I will add that there are still inactive faults describing the lack of IC connections / communication with BC, ABS, tacho, which may be related to the misfortune that I describe or are from the past. .
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    Hello. I don't know Iveco or the beam path. however, I don't think it damages something "underneath" in such a way that it prevents the engine from starting. If you do not have schemes, the macajewa method remains, tedious elimination step by step.
    In volvo I had a similar fault, the reason was the CAN cable worn and shorted to ground on one line
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    Man diagrams, admittedly there are minimal differences, I don't know what caused them (Iveco service), I was checking the meter for now. Like all 60ohm connected, CAN lines do not have a transition to the weight, plus in mega ohms. At the beginning I do not care about starting the engine, but to get rid of information about CAN failure and hence my questions, e.g. terminators. When you assume that the engine harness is damaged (which I do not rule out), after disconnecting it CAN work normally, provided that the EDC controller is not its ending at the same time. I wrote that the resistance between L and H increases after disconnecting the EDC beam as well as the EDC driver from the beam. Another question was that TEXA could not see the EDC driver. Diagnostics take place after KL, not CAN. Hence the dilemma or KL also damaged, or the immo and / or possibly the immo part in the meter or IC has fallen and for this there is no communication with EDC. In FLs since 2000 and a bit younger as immo blocks starting it communication with EDC is. Only that there is immo in the controller and can be removed by interfering with the controller itself.
    As you can see there are two problems. CAN fault as seen by IC and ABS, and immo not, and TEXY with EDC communication after K L.
    But you're right, until someone suggests something, I think I'll start checking cable by cable in the EDC bundle for starters. I have already squeezed part of the cabin and wanted to save myself further ripping and disassembly of the bumper, etc., so that you can take seriously the engine harness. Thanks
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    Unfortunately, I will not answer all your questions, first of all I don't know iveco at all, secondly I haven't been doing trucks for a while. When you talk about terminators, do you mean a resistor limiting interference? Once, after ripping the half of the cockpit apart, I finally reached him. It was somewhere near the LCM lighting control module but most often at the place where the plugs / sockets were connected (in volviak from the front under the hood on the left / right). In my opinion immo should not prevent connection with EDC. Remember that communication with individual modules does not take place only through one CAN pair. There were at least 3-4 data buses in volviak. However, the lack of communication with EDC and the inability to fire together with the description of the event would prompt me to carefully examine the beam from the cabin to EDC. Once I had a break on the rail between the gearbox (automatic) and start-up was also not possible. I would exclude clocks for now. Good luck. Let me know when you start :)
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    In this model there is only one CAN line called VDB with double-insulated wires, i.e. white and green insulated wires (twisted pair) are additionally covered with black. Reading the English service book I missed the designation of terminators (resistors) in tacho and EDC. In newer EuroCargo, as I can see on the website (I have it in Polish) there are two. One called VCB from Vehicle .... Control BUS and the other ECB from Engine .... Control BUS. Terminators are for VCB inside VCM and DTCO. Terminators for ECB are inside VCM and EDC.

    Question 3 resolved.

    I'm getting to the tacho to confirm it. By the way, I will be able to disconnect everything from CAN, and if it's OK, I will suspect that one of the controllers has a damaged CAN controller. of course I will let you know what and how.

    Sorry for the wrong info when describing CAN in newer IVECO because looking at the service on my equipment I missed BCB and EDB. So as you wrote there are 4 CAN lines. Sorry again
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    See what he hit. Maybe he broke the weight of the engine.