The LED strip with the switch turns itself on.

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    I have a problem with the LED strip installed on the client.
    It is a simple system in which a switch hidden in the LED profile is soldered between the power supply and the strip.
    Both the power supply and the switch are matched with the current required by the given section of the belt.
    The problem is that after a long time (about 2 weeks) the strap suddenly turns on without any apparent reason and can no longer be turned off.
    Temporary disconnection from the power supply solves the problem for another longer period and then the situation repeats. The bar lights up for no apparent reason at random time of day or night and can no longer be turned off.
    Any ideas as to the reason for this behavior. I assume this is a problem with the switch.
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    What type of breaker exactly?
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    It's best if the switch disconnected the 230V power supply to the power supply. Of course, if it is adapted to interrupt the mains voltage.
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    It is probably a touch switch and the touch field has not been written; touch field connected with a wire to a metal profile; touch pad isolated from the surface, glued on the profile and with a wire to the switch.

    Here, it's rather the fault of the switch design, i.e., the accumulation of electric charges on the touch field.
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    The switch is like this:
    The whole is hidden under the profile cover, so there is no typical touch field. I don't know how exactly such a switch works, but I came across information that the proximity of the cooker / hob may interfere with its operation. Is it true?
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    I have a similar problem. Led lighting (strip) with non-contact switch turns on by itself. For a period of about 2 months everything was ok.
    After cutting the power, the contactless switch seems to be working. When the hand is approached, a small led flash occurs.
    How can this problem be solved?