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[Solved] Dishwasher Siemens SN66M095EU / 59 - error E-04. In addition, it does not heat w

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    I am using the Siemens SN66M095EU / 59 dishwasher recently, in my absence, my wife, behind the dishwasher, reported to me error E-04. After a more thorough diagnosis, I found that the dishwasher does not heat the water, besides, the entire washing cycle runs ALMOST correctly. Because at the end of the program, e.g. AUTO crashes to me error E-04.
    After unscrewing the bottom of the dishwasher, under the dishwasher bowl there was some "greasy" salt water. It was enough to wipe with a rag to make it dry.
    However, this did not solve the problem described at the beginning.

    In this regard, I have questions:
    1. Is there a diagnostic method (press 3 keys and start) that will tell if the pump - heater is working?
    2. What does the E-04 error really mean if everything works without heating?
    3. Can anything be done to help the dishwasher before I call the service?

    I have definitely decided that this is the last Siemens at my house.
    It breaks just as often as dishwashers of cheaper brands, so paying less for the cheaper one can afford longer service.
    And here the last question:
    1. What do you recommend to buy as a new dishwasher?
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    The E01, E02, E03, E04, E05 faults codes mean that the dishwasher has suffered a power module failure. The programming of replacement power modules has been locked down by Bosch so in the event of an error code of this type it's recommended that you contact a Bosch approved dishwasher engineer.

    Error codes E01, E02, E03, E04, E05 mean that the dishwasher has suffered a power module failure. The programming of lockable power modules has been blocked by Bosch, so in the event of an error code of this type, it is recommended to contact the Bosch dishwasher engineer.
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    Yes, I read such a description on the internet.
    However, life explains this error as follows: we have not deleted you for a long time, maybe now.

    Therefore, I also asked about the possibility of a service reset of the situation.

    Which is probably the answer to such an error.
    But after pressing a few buttons I have a chance to save PLN 150 + cost God knows what.
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    You won't do anything about it and no reset will help you. The fault may lie on the side of one of the control elements, e.g. damaged triac controlling the heater. All you can do is remove the module and view it. There is a chance that maybe we can fix it.
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    The problem was trivial. Damaged pump. Exchange solves the topic.

    After replacing the pump you have seal the bowl. Polish Siemens / Bosch service does not do it so in 2-3 months they are again at your place regarding a burned pump.
    In Germany, bowl sealing is a must after pump replacement. They have a repair kit for 70 PLN. Available on our website as well. Installation of the repair kit is simple and important does not require undressing the dishwasher only by unscrewing the four screws inside the dishwasher and tightening them again.