EuroStar SC250D gas stove - is it worth buying?

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    So many of these stoves on the market that you can get lost. Can anyone of you professionally refer to the EuroStar bathroom model SC250D? Apparently our native production. How is he to junkers? The model is noteworthy, what its ability, failure and in general? How much does a new copy cost? Apparently he has an innovative heater. I would ask for this knowledge very much. I was offered to buy. It is known, the seller is very popular and I want to have satisfaction with the purchase. :)
    Thank you in advance. :
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    I've been doing a PhD on the same topic for two hours. For now, I have determined that it is better than modern junkers because it has a brass center and not a plastic one. From the technical data, the minimum water flow at the level of 2.7l / min, and not 4 or 5 as well as the competition, is very good for me. I live high, the pressure is sometimes weaker and it is probably quite important. Thank you in advance for the hints.
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    with Junkers the minimum flow is 2 liters / minute (when the water knob is set to "hot").
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    cyba75 wrote:
    Which model is it in?

    For example WRDP 11-2B part WRDP 14-2B. This is what the producer says.